Get your glam on!

A few pounds and a few stylists later – see the difference it can make.  Wow.  It’s utterly amazing to see the celebrities who we assume are born beautiful, when in truth, they could be just like us.  It’s what money and fame brings by seeing yourself on screen or in print – a consciousness that can’t be ignored. Unlike my own quick glances in the mirror that don’t allow me to acknowledge more than I have eye makeup in the right places, it’s easy to let myself go into a state of frumpy denial.  Denying that I’m not looking my best or perhaps I look good enough.

Hmm…I hate that term “good enough”.  What does it really mean?  Good enough that my husband doesn’t leave me? Good enough that my kids aren’t embarrassed to introduce me to their friends? Good enough in case there is a cute produce guy in the market? Good enough since the chances are so slim that I’ll get unexpectedly photo’d by the press or interviewed by the local news station?  Hey, at least I have clean underwear on – you know, just in case…as if that is more likely AND more important than my outward looks.  For crying out loud, what the hell have we been telling ourselves and our children?  If you’re in accident, the handsome doctor will not marry you if you have dirty underwear but heck, don’t worry about your wrinkled clothes or matted hair.

So, here’s another wake-up call, girls.  Rather than take solace in the fact that celebrities can look like us without the help of their trainers, chefs and stylists, consider that we can at least try to look our best – even if that means cheapo cosmetics and generic shampoo.  Looking good is empowering- in fact it can be liberating and some say the ultimate revenge. It’s one of the few things we can control and actually do something good for ourselves and our confidence.  So buck up – spend a little time on your makeup and hair…don’t let things go limp or untended to.  People do notice, including you – even if you aren’t being undone in People.  And you never know…there just might be a hot gas attendant or cashier “checking you out” wondering if you are some lesser known celeb.  Indeed!

 Thanks to People magazine for the photos and inspiration!


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